A group to stimulate discussion and action on all issues related to 'Justice' which could include areas such 'Human Trafficking', or 'Fair-Trade'.

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  • Please check out the Dalit Freedom Network www.dfn.org.uk and help

    bring an end to Dalit trafficking and ill-treatment.  There are links to offices in other countries too; just click on the relevant flag at the top right.  What they go through is so terrible, but I've found most people in this country (UK) that I speak to are totally unaware of this issue. Thanks!

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speaking out about injustice

http://youtu.be/Y4MnpzG5SqcProverbs 31 v 8  'Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for those who are oppressed/crushed.....'  I wonder how many of us would take this challenge persoanlly?, the above was part of my calling to mission and God did allow me to be stretched to the limit regarding this but I grew through the trauma and it cost me more than I ever realised, but would do the same again. As a result I saw a little girl freed from her abusers which I thanks God for.I…

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Is 'Fairtrade', fair trade?

If you would like to take a look at a really interesting Oscar page, which Ian Meredith has composed, I think that could bring forth a lot of interesting discussion. 'Fair Trade? Think Again.' by Ian Meredith How complacent are we, with the current system of the Fairtrade foundation? Is it a sustainable system for the long term?How much should we allow the Fairtrade foundation to 'monopolise our thoughts and ideas so that we cannot dream and build for a better, and even fairer, trade' (Ian…

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Involvement in politics...

A question that has been brought to my attention recently was,  'to what extent do missionaries get involved with the politics of the country they are serving in'. I personally, have not thought much upon this area, however I would like to hear the opinions of the members here.I think that in my own country, it is great for Christians to be in politics, as it gives that influence, which can hold some weight and in turn, achieve something.It would be great to hear your point of views!

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