For those interested in development of leaders in Christian ministry.
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  • great to be part of this group I am pastor and I do train pastor s and church leaders I believe leaders need training so as to rightly divide the word of God, any minister is invited in Kenya to help any development of leaders

  • All leaders are born with SOME abilities; relational skills or analytical, vision or planning. The training aspect is important in developing the skills which are less developed in order to achieve a balance.

  • In my view, leaders are developed through training. For a example Jesus' disciples sat under Jesus' leadership for three years learning, observing what Jesus was doing and in the process acquired massive experience to advance the gospel worldwide.

  • Are Leaders born or grown?

  • I am in Punjab State, Gurdaspur District which is very close to India- Pakisatan Border

  • What part of Northern India, Sehat?
  • I am serving the Lord in North India, I got converted from Sikhism and have been serving the Lord for the past 7 years as pastor, Teacher and social worker. God has helped us to pioneer 5 churches and several fellowship groups in rural areas of Northern India. I have a team of 10 people who are my team-mate in the mission work. we have named our ministry as "Hope of the Nations"
  • We welcome you to the group, brother. Tell us more about your work.
  • Thank you Sir, I am so dedicated to be a good leader for my people in India and I am sure that I am gonna learn a lot from here.
  • I agree, Sehat. Leadership is actually an ability. The ability to combine and balance vision with relationship.
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