21st Century Missionary Dilemma

I am working as a missionary in a national-run organisation, in a non-leadership position. I completely agree with the stated values and vision of the organisation but I feel frustrated at work because of working practices that are not living up to these values and vision. I feel very strongly that the organisation has the potential to function much better than it does.I have not mentioned my concerns to the leadership because I am well aware of the damage that can be done by missionaries coming in and imposing their way of doing things on a national-run organisation.However, I am wondering whether, by saying something, I might give the organisation an opportunity to improve its working practices, which it wouldn't otherwise have.What do you think? Should I keep quiet or speak up?

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  • Hi Fiona I read the posts following your initial comment and that you subsequently wrote that changes had negated the issue. How is it panning out now, as a matter of interest? Do you feel that God intervened for you, answered specific prayers, etc? Where is it that you are based? Thanks, laura.
    • Hi Laura, . God was in charge and he did indeed answer specific prayers of mine. I'm no longer working there; now back in the UK for a while...
    • Bet you love the weather; thaks for replying. God bless, Law.
  • Hi Fiona,

    I trust you were able to expressed your concern to your oraganisation.
    • Thanks for your reply Chris. In the end, events overtook me as there was a change of administration at the organisation and my issues became somewhat irrelevant.
  • Thank you both, Stacey and Mike. I now need the courage to follow your advice!!! Do pray for grace, opportunity and words!
  • I agree with Stacey. It's not like you're new on the field ... by now you will know the difference between what's cultural and what could do with some improvement. Integrity is something to aspire to in any culture, and when values and vision don't match the practice then it shows lack of integrity.

    I'm sure you're able to speak 'in love' and I'll pray that the right opportunity and the right words come your way :-)
  • I would speak up Fiona! You've been there long enough now to have an understanding of the culture. And if they don't like it they can always say no. s.xx
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