Life on the field - Why is it difficult?

The mission field is the devil's playing ground, however, Jesus promised to be with us always. I love the way George Verwer puts it in his book "Out of the Comfort Zone" (pg 33) - " There are four warnings I often give to people who are considering missionary workFirstly your heart will be broken many times and you will face many disappointments.Secondly you will face financial pressures, battles and problems and also a wide range of differences of opinion on lifestyle and how money should be spentThirdly you will discover that it is sometimes relatively easy to get started on a project, but unbelievably hard to keep it going and at the same time keep loyalty of the people with whom you are working.Fourthly you will discover that roots of bitterness can very easily come into Christian work which, sometimes, due to Satanic opposition, can be more difficult and complex than in secular work, especially when money and other motivating forces are absent"I am still learning to cope with the pressure caused by fellow Christians. Why is there unresolved conflict among Christians and Christian leaders? How can one still work successfully on the field in spite of the oppositions within?

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  • This is thought provoking. I may not experience the things you are talking about because in my mission trips, I go solo! I make my plans and raise my funds according to the leading of the Holy Spirit. This gives me a level of independence! Any relationship is mutual. Now I do understand working with and agency. If you are working with one, you have to operate within their latitude. Conflicts are unavoidable, but when you find yourself in such a situation that you cant avoid, I guess you have to trust God to help you
    • Hi everyone,

      I noticed this article and thought I would reply to it.

      Having just returned from India three weeks ago, after an amazing experience of being host to guests who stayed with me back in May of this year after seeing my details on Oscar, I consider their journey and mine of no coincidence but by divine calling, for within four months in knowing Pastor Jetpaul and his wife Ruth, who came as total strangers, the fellowship that we experienced then was certainly timed for me to go to India and having asked me many times whether I would visit work they were doing there, when I prayed about this, the Lord said go and without hesitation made arrangements for my journey.  I travelled solo and the Lord provided for my expenses.  I stayed with Pastor JD and Ruth for they run several ministries at The Faith Baptist Church in Karnataka, including a children’s orphanage where I had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with the children.  I also visited some of the villages where they have set up home groups because they also train pastors of which there are 180 ministering in various Hindu villages. I had an opportunity to talk and see some of their vision to reach unreached villages, teach and to train youth and village pastors from grass root level; establish cell groups and plant churches, break barriers and build bridges among all communities, establish more day-care centres, orphanages, and old people’s homes for the destitute and for the people who are in need; a school building for the orphans and village children, establish self help groups in different villages.  This is a great challenge for them.  But the enthusiasm and hard work that I saw over the fourteen days that I was there and yes my heart was broken several times, because of all that I saw, nevertheless, I am so encouraged by the warmth and enthusiasm of all the people working under this ministry, without a doubt I am now willing return, if that is the Lord’s will for me to do.

      If people go into the mission field with their own agendas, hope to find recognition or praise for what they do, or bring about conflict, then they are not there for the right reasons, God did not send them!  When He does, we should always go with a cheerful heart!   I share this Proverb with you:  “Don’t demand an audience with the king or push for a place among the great.  It is better to wait for an invitation than to be sent to the end of the line, publicly disgraced!” (Proverbs 25:6). 

    • Praise God. I totally agree with your contribution. Oh Lord, use me to do your will here on earth. Whether in India, Uganda or UK, the only and most important thing is to be in the center of the will of God. We are planning a gospel extravanganza in South Sudan in May 2012. In a nutshell: The Word Of God+35 tonnes of relief Material. If the Spirit of God is in anybody, they are invited.
    • Indeed. again conflict in most cases brings blessings.
  • Very thought-provoking, as well as true!
  • SO TRUE! Thank you for posting this Chris. I think mission agencies and misson colleges should have this stuck on the back of every toilet door and above every computer screen so people can ponder it! You can never be truely prepared until you face a situation, but simply knowing things like this do happen might make you less shocked when they do, or feel less alone.
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