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  • Does anyone know if there is still a mission reps meeting in the North of England (use to be in Yorkshire somewhere)?

  • Gift Aid Declarations

    The required wording for Gift Aid Declarations is changing. If you have already made Gift Aid Declarations to the charities or churches you support, you don't need to do them again, but all new declarations should follow the new guidelines. Charities and churches will be changing their forms over the coming months, but in the meantime old forms can still be used up until 31/12/12.
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  • Hi all, I'm with AWM-Pioneers, and based in sunny (not today though) Worthing...

  • Hello, I'm not actually a mission rep:-)  However I'd love to be in contact with those of you who are.  I work as an online counsellor for mission partners.  If you feel one of your mission partners might benifit from online counselling, do contact me for more information.  I look forward to assisting you, as you support your mission partners wherever they are in the world.
  • Thanks, chaps ... I shall follow these two up.
  • Mike

    Try contacting George Owens he's the OMS man in Scotland I'm sure he could help - you'l. find his details on One Mission Society Website

  • Do you know the YWAMers in Paisley and W Kilbride area? They may have some contacts ...
  • I'm running a 'Serving as Senders' day in Glasgow on 5th February organised by the Scottish Mission Reps Fellowship. If you know of any churches in that area who might be interested in attending, please get in touch.
  • The old 'Go Global' mobilisation events now have a new name - 'World Changers'. You can see any upcoming events on OSCAR's UK events list. Let us know if you know of others.
  • My name is Bryan Thompson, founder of and working with story4all, a ministry dedicated to bringing the Gospel to oral learners (those who can't or prefer not to read). We have a weekly podcast and website and also run training workshops called Simply the Story in the United Kingdom and abroad.

    I am also on the Mission Support Group in my local church, as for family reasons we need to be 'off the field' for now. This allows me the opportunity to keep missionary flames fanned in the local setting here in N Ireland.

    God bless you all.
    story4all podcast about reaching oral communicators with stories of Jesus Christ
    story4all website and podcast discuss Christian Good News communication among oral, non-literates, of world's population that churches may multiply,…
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Online Email Coaching

Online Email Re-Entry Coaching.Do you have a mission partner returning to the UK in late 2013 or early 2014? Would you be interested in trialling an online coaching package beginning in June 2013? Contact me for more details at

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