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  • Well, its September and looking back I am not much farther along than when I posted in June.  :( :(

    • I lift up your life to the father. I know that words are not enough so my prayer is silent. Yet I bring you to His presence , his arms , his embrace. And in the silence or the feeling of being lost , I pray for his still small voice to calm your spirit and accompany you.
  • Hi Folks,

    HI Folks,. My husband and I have/had been missionaries in Germany for 11 yrs. He died suddenly and unexpectedly in Feb. 2018.  Honestly, I feel so lost.  Unable to make decisions.  Not sure what to do.  Prayers appreciated.

  • Have received the note below from friends overseas. Wonder if you could kindly uplift them in prayer. Many thanks, David

    "May I ask you to pray for a boy named Noah. His parents are serving in Japan. The boy is 4 years old but suffered a stroke last Friday. We are still in shock what has happened and asking our prayer partners around the world to lift up Noah and his family in prayer."

  • Wonder if today you could pray for folks who do not regularly enjoy conversation.  I recall reading an advert on a train sharing that the person they were highlighting had not spoken to anyone in three weeks. In smaller print underneath it stated that there were some thousands throughout the UK in a similar situation.

    Taking time to talk [TTTT] is so valuable and such a blessing. Let's pray for more folks to TTTT.

  • Would ask you to pray for Warren, who has posted an article on the OA site. He is note having an easy time. He is a member of OA and thus thought we could all pray for him. Many thanks...David

  • Please pray for English classes for refugees one morning a week, starting in our church on Monday.  We are grateful for the opportunity & especially for a good relationship with the Muslim lady who runs the local refugee support group & who has asked us to provide these classes.  She is organising transport for the students to get here. 

    The lady who is running the classes is an experienced teacher, but she has asked me to be her assistant.  I would especially value prayer as this is my first experience of any kind of teaching!!!  Please pray that we are both able to shine out the love of Christ in all we do.

  • You might like to pray for the ongoing work of ACTS 435 as they seek to be a blessing folk in urgent and immediate financial need in the UK. You can read more about the project on their website:

    Warm regards, David

  • You might light to remember the folk in Australia tomorrow as they have a special National Prayer Time

    l o o k i n g   b a c k     ...     l o o k i n g   a h e a d     ...     l o o k i n g   u p
    You are invited to 
    the National Day of Prayer & Fasting
    this Sunday 15 February
    from 10 am - 4 pm (Sydney time)

    through the live webcast

    Christians from all over Australia will gather in the Great Hall of Parliament House in Canberra to cry out to God that Australia will fulfil its destiny in Jesus Christ. Our focus is on revival and transformation for Australia.  I am excited because this is the first time I have come to Canberra for this event.

    Thanks for standing with these good this time....

    Kind  regards, David

  • Pastor Tandin (see prayer request below) has had his prison sentence waived in exchange for a fine.  Wonderful answer to prayer as he is now able to remain with his family. 

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