Holiday Ideas

What kind of holidays do you like to take, do you enjoy travelling alone, do you usually find a friend who enjoys the same sort of holiday to go with do you like going on organised holidays and meeting new people? I think personally my favorite type of holiday when I need a good rest is to go and stay with a good friend or family ... it's much harder though to find someone to go exploring somewhere different with. How about you?!

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  • Hi.  I'm two year's late replying to this, but better late than never...!  I've done a mix of travel on my own, going to visit friends and 'organised holidays' too.  I've been on a few Oak Hall trips in the past, which were great as you could either do things on your own or join a group outing, depending on what you feel like.  I also appreciated the Christian fellowship and as a bonus, I've made a few good friends with whom I am still in touch.  Traveling on my own, I look for small independent B&Bs or self-catering, preferably in rural areas as these tend to be friendlier.


    Haven't been able to manage a holiday for the past few years, but I make sure I do a few local days out to top up the batteries.  It's a shame not to have anyone to 'do you remember?' with after, but on the other hand, I do get to do what I like and come home when I want to! 

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