Sponsor the Mobile Zoo at Big Church Day Out

The Big Church Day Out have asked us to pass on details about this sponsorship opportunity with the Mobile Zoo at both locations of this event, believing that it might give mission organisations an opening to talk about the countries where they work. The animals planned and their origins:


Bearded Dragon - Australia 
Panther Chameleon - Madagascar 
Crested Gecko - New Caladonia 
Blue Tonged Skink - Australia 
ChillIan Rose Tarantula - Chilli 
Royal Python - Africa
Cain Toad - Australia 
Albino Burmese Python - Burma 
Millipedes - Africa 
Bosc Monitor - Africa 
Millipedes – Madagascar 
Scorpions – Africa 
Boa Constrictor – Madagascar 
Royal Python – Africa 
Tortoises – Africa
Eagle Owl – Africa 
Scops Owl – Africa 
Kookaburra – Australia 
Hedgehogs – Africa 
Tenrecs – Madagascar 
Guinea Pigs – South America
Skunk – USA/Canada/Mexico
Meerkats – Africa 
More details about this and other sponsorship opportunities with BCDO can be found at https://bigchurchdayout.com/south/info/advertising

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