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  • Does anyone know of any plans for cross mission pre-field orientation for kids?

  • Hello Everyone:-)  Have you got a missionary family returning from the field?  Planning a debrief for parents and wondering how to support the children?  I offer creative debriefing for children.  Please contact me for further details of how I could support you as you support your returning families.

  • Hello, Feeling excited to be launching my new online counselling website, specialising in member care counselling.  All counselling takes place through Plus Guidance a secure online platform which creates a confidential counselling space in the virtual world.  I'm offering a free trial session to all new clients.  Please do contact me if you'd like more details of online counselling could support your mission partners overseas.  Best wishes,  Claudia 

  • I have an OSCAR user asking about church working agreements for missionaries. Does anyone have examples of these that I can send him for reference? Please email them to me at . Thanks.

  • Hello and Greetings from Uganda. 

    I've attached a link to my latest blog as it includes some questions about how to support mission partners more effectively with the re-entry process. 

    I'd really appreciate any feedback as I'm putting together a series of coaching packages to support missionaries whilst they are on the field (more to come in my next blog).

    I'd also appreciate people's views on the use of online support whilst on the field e.g. Are people in favour or unsure of its effectiveness?  Are there any concerns over perhaps confidentiality and security? What questions do people have about using online counselling and coaching services?

    Thank you for your time.  Warm greetings ~ Claudia

    Re-Entry: What Next?
    It’s been some time since I’ve blogged.  The reason for the silence well I’m going through the process of preparing for re-entry and there is a lot t…
  • Paul - this is great! As a mission partner it would wonderful if all sending agencies could have something like this on their website to help supporters support their mission partners.  Its sometimes hard to ask for what you need, so if people know, it is a great help.  Keep up the good work!

  • Sarah, If I can plug something we (Wycliffe Bible Translators UK) have written - you might find it cover some of these points:

  • HI Sarah,  Just happen to be online and just saw your question.  I would recommend  getting hold of Serving as Senders by Neal Pirolo.  I think it is a good foundation for helping churches and sending agencies to support mission partners.  If are supporting young families, I've written 3 workbooks for primary aged children which are free to download on Oscar.  Hope that helps.  Very best wishes,  Claudia

  • Hi, Well firstly to own up and say, I'm a bit of a fraud as I'm not actually Home Office Staff.  However I'd love to make contact with those back on home soil supporting those out of the field. 

    I'm in the process of launching an online counselling service specialising in providing low-cost professional counselling for mission partners (pre-post and on the field).  If anyone would like more details, please feel free to contact me for more information either through Oscar or via my website   Looking forward to assisting you in supporting your mission partners :-)

  • Hi,

    I am the HR Manager for Latin Link, working in our Britain and Ireland offices, and focusing mainly on supporting staff working in the UK. I look forward to linking with others in this area and sharing resources and experiences a little.

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Sponsor the Mobile Zoo at Big Church Day Out

The Big Church Day Out have asked us to pass on details about this sponsorship opportunity with the Mobile Zoo at both locations of this event, believing that it might give mission organisations an opening to talk about the countries where they work. The animals planned and their origins:   SOUTH Bearded Dragon - Australia  Panther Chameleon - Madagascar  Crested Gecko - New Caladonia  Blue Tonged Skink - Australia  ChillIan Rose Tarantula - Chilli  Royal Python - Africa Cain Toad -…

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Spanish Pronunciation Teacher

Hi All,I`m looking for a Spanish pronunciation teacher, for one of our members going to Peru in April. (Joanna Benson is not able to do it this time, sadly!).If you know of anyone, or of someone who can point me in the right direction, please let me know.My e-mail is

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Satellite phones for missionary and gospel work.

Our IsatPhone2 handsets have a single press assistance button and a tracking button.Our Inmarsat handsets bypass all ground communications and can be quickly configured to send a pre-written distress notification with your current automatic location to a number of pre-arranged numbers. You could also configure this to give a daily welfare update. The IsatPhone 2 also has an assistance button which, on a pay monthly plan, will contact GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center…

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