For those who are afflicted with using and managing computers or other technology in mission
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  • I’m looking for a IT company with Christian values to outsource IT services from for an organisation of 30 people. Anyone got any suggestions?
    • Yes. Contact me for details.
    • If you could share the details about the specific services you need, I could have better recommendations. Thank you.
    • Hi John. I don't know the details as it was just a request via a mutual connection, but I am pretty sure they are not planning to go outside the UK. Thanks anyway. Mike.
  • TechMission Launches new online Master's Degree in Science, Technology, Society and Ministry

    TechMission’s City Vision College was recently approved to provide an accredited online Master’s Degree in Science, Technology, Society and Ministry ( The first course in Theology of Technology starts on April 17th.


    For those who need help covering the cost of tuition, they have also developed a Tech Ministry Intern Fellowship.  

  • If anyone is dealing with "mission information" itself as well as the "technology for mission", you may be interested in the Community of Mission Information Workers.  We now have a website and a Facebook page 

    Welcome to the Community of Mission Information Workers! | Community of Mission Information Workers
  • If anyone needs advice on IT or running an Internet cafe in a developing country then please ask.
  • I've been involved in a group called the Polder Consortium for a while now.


    The Polder Consortium helps organizations establish environments of trust for sharing critical information across organizational boundaries. Recognizing that a single shared system is not always the best method of engaging in data sharing partnerships, the Polder Consortium is focused on providing additional models for data sharing and collaboration among organizations. Our efforts are designed to support interoperation where desired and independence where required.


    It's a Wycliffe Global Alliance initiative, but the aim is to include people from other missions. A couple of people from New Tribes are involved in the technical steering group that I'm involved in.

    Why not have read what it says on the site and see if this could help your organisation?

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Hospital Information Management Systems for Mission Hospitals

I'm looking for recommendations for HIMS software for mission hospitals. We work in a hospital in Pakistan and are looking for ideas. We need something with longevity (a big ask) and decent support, preferably developed with mission in mind.Can we get a conversation going around this topic?We are currently looking at a system developed by Worldwide Lab Improvement in Michigan, USA ( It looks promising and affordable.

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Satellite phones for missionary and gospel work.

Our IsatPhone2 handsets have a single press assistance button and a tracking button.Our Inmarsat handsets bypass all ground communications and can be quickly configured to send a pre-written distress notification with your current automatic location to a number of pre-arranged numbers. You could also configure this to give a daily welfare update. The IsatPhone 2 also has an assistance button which, on a pay monthly plan, will contact GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center…

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Satellite Phone Missionary Packages

For Hire: Satellite Phone Missionary PackagesOnly 10% of the globe is covered by GSM mobile signal. For the travelling missionary in isolated or war torn areas I can offer handheld Satellite Phone rental from £1.30 per day for 2-4 year missionary assignments or £1.50 per day for 1 month - 2 year short term assignments. Call packages to suit. See or email for details on how your communication issues can be solved. Yours in His service....

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Technology & Mission

Two questions for 'technologists' to ponder: What is behind the human need for more information and knowledge? Is it ultimately to know the divine or to replace Him (become omniscient ourselves)? How do you think those who don’t believe in God view this? What is behind the need for humans to be more connected? Is it ultimately to connect with the divine or to connect to the whole world without needing Him (become omnipresent ourselves)? How do you think those who don’t believe in God view this?…

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