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  • Thank you, Cindy for sharing. I shall pray for your desire to go back and for yourself during whe 'in-between times'
    It is so distressing hearing such things are going on. It is also encouraging to know there are some people like yourself who.want to seek justice and be the hands and feet of God in such dark places,
    God bless and please keep us posted. Enjoy OSCARactive :-)
  • This is a child that I know the Lord led me to, I was doing a home birth in a village in Burma and saw her , she never moved from her sitting position in the 5 hrs I was there & I knew something was wrong.Long story, here she  was recovering from broken femur( N.A.I) & other injures, I have seen such a marked body from repeated torture and abuse.This little girl plight ripped my heart out and I understood the scriptures in Proverbs 31 v 8 'speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves...' she is now safe and well and back with her real mother in the jungle of Thailand but I had to leave the clinic due to threats on my life, no surprise as  the Lord had already revealed to me that working there was going to be' for a season' 'for the darkness is coming when no man can work' How great that darkness was going to be,I could never have dreamt in a hundred years. Plse pray for children like A, who have no voice.Plse pray that one day I will go back to the people I want to serve. God is a just God and sees these little sparrows, each is precious. Cindy ich
  • Hi Lucinda, is there a story to go with this photo that you can share?
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