Getting Started

We suggest that you spend a few moments every now and then checking into OSCARactive and seeing what's new (Just like many of you do for Facebook or emails). Add a few comments here and there.

Treat it like a mission-focused networking group and visit once or twice a week to really engage with others who have a similar passion and motivation to you. Here are some things you can do to get the ball rolling:

  • Update your status (top of your Profile page) with things that you're doing so others can pray for you.
  • Introduce yourself to someone else in the community (leave a comment on their profile or send them a message)
  • Join the groups that apply to you and your interests and start or contribute to a discussion adding your own wisdom and perspective
  • Use the MessageBoard for anything that you have On Offer or Wanted that others might be able to help with. You can also use the Partnership category to seek partners for any mission venture you have.
  • Start or join a discussion in the Forum for some of the bigger issues related to mission. You may want to start with the discussions that give room for you to introduce yourself such as Getting to know you - (a bit of fun while you are having a tea break) or How were you called to mission?
  • Chat to others who are online. You can do this through our chat times or just use the facility anytime to chat to others who are also online. We've had some great gatherings in the weekly chat hour with people in various parts of the world.
  • Add any events that you are running or involved in.
  • Use the Public or Private Prayer Walls for specific prayer requests that you would like others to pray for. Send a message to others when you remember them in prayer.
  • Invite your friends and colleagues and use OSCARactive to stay connected.
  • Please do not use the community to make requests for funding, either by posts or private messaging. Just about everyone in this community is raising funds for something and if everyone made those requests in OSCARactive it would swamp all other activity.

OSCARactive is really what you make it ... so please jump right in and help us build a vibrant, buzzing mission-focussed online community.

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