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    This author is a favourite of mine. Any of his books are full of the richness of thought.  You might like to explore one of them.

    The Work of the Holy Spirit 1 Jul 1972 by Octavius Winslow Paperback £0.88 (26 used & new offers) [Available on Amazon. Other titles by the same author can be found on the CLC website.]

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    This book is available from Amazon. It was a privilege to serve alongside Don's son on a team in 1980/81. He was such a blessing to the team. After Walmart, Don founded The Soderquist Centre for Leadership and Ethics in the States.

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    This book was published by a friend who lives in town here. Thought you might like to know about it. Details on 

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    You might like to explore reading this book which a good friend has authored. He has formerly written a series about a Pirate Captain which is highlighted in this book club section earlier. This is Ian's website


    Eye Can Write: A memoir of a child’s silent soul emerging

    Eye Can Write: A memoir of a child’s silent soul emerging

    12 Jul 2018


    Get it by Tomorrow, Nov 13
    Eligible for FREE UK Delivery
    More buying choices

    Kindle Edition   £3.49

    Really encourage you to explore this book. It was so encouraging to read about Jonathan's vision in writing it and he also shared in the opening of the CRE exhibition in the UK in October 2018.

    Jonathan Bryan
    Follow Jonathan Bryan and explore their bibliography from's Jonathan Bryan Author Page.
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    Persevering Prayer: Growing Church Supernaturally

    1 Dec 2005
    by Stuart Robinson


    Reading this book was very encouraging and inspiring. It is a focus on the value of prayer in the development of churches internationally. The illustrations and interwoven with thoughtful teaching on the principles both of church growth and prayer.... Believe you too will be blessed through reading it. Buying Choices: Persevering Prayer: Growing Church Supernaturally
  • SCATTER by Andrew Scott

    Product Details

    Have just this past week discovered this book by a good friend of mine.  It was mentioned in a website that I found on a prayer update. Interesting trail... Amazon delivered at high-speed in a couple of days... Now starting to read it but sense it has much of value to share.

    The subject of serving where you are with your entrusted gifts and professional experience is one that I believe is worth promoting. Maybe I will draft a blog post about the concept sometime.... watch this page as they say.... Andrew is the country coordinator of an international group.   David

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    You might be interested in reading about these excellent books for youngsters.  The author has kindly sent me a set and I believe you would find them of interest too. The Diamond Books website is found here:   

  • Three Reasons to Find and Join a Local Writer's Group

    By W. Terry Whalin


    Writing is a solitary profession.  You sit down at your keyboard, put your fingers on the keys and write words which turn into stories. As I've written about in the Writing Life, getting published can be fairly easy. You can publish the material online in a blog or any number of other ways such as wattpad. The challenge is far greater than getting it out into the market. The real challenge is finding readers who will rave about your work and tell others. 

    Many years ago, when I was beginning my days in publishing, I saw the value of connections to other writers. I lived in Southern California and was one of the founding board members of the Orange County Christian Writers. At the time, I worked in the U.S. headquarters for Wycliffe Bible Translators and the group met twice a year in our building—so it was convenient for me to attend the meetings. I helped set up the room the day before our Saturday session. Also through this group, I got involved in a writer's critique group

    If you'd like to read the whole post, just let me know. David

    The Writing Life: Three Reasons to Find and Join a Local Writer's Group
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Cross-cultural Marriages

Anyone recommend any books on cross-cultural romantic friendships/marriages? This isn't just for those who meet their spouses on the mission field but perhaps also for those who meet someone from another culture in their home area. Books that explore the issues they might face would be good to know about. Then we can add these to OSCAR's book list.

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Which ones would you keep?

I am trying (with minimal success) to 'thin out' my library ahead of a probable move.  It has started me wondering what are my top 5...?So...if you were only allowed to keep FIVE books, which five would you keep?  (Desert-Island-Discs style, you have a Bible in addition to the five!)

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