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  • Thanks for your input guys. I'm based in Zambia Ian. 

  • Orgin story and transparency in food is really important.  When you are up and running if you can offer a good story then a transparency organisaiton like Haperley may be helpful to connect with.

  • Good afternoon, Darren, You might like to check out Business Pilot for general information.  Regards, David

    Business Pilot
  • Sounds a good business.  Where are you based?   The scale you want obviously needs investment though and margins are tight in food industry, although thats robably more in retail than catering. 

  • Obviously import/export is later on down the line as the project rolls out but initially I'm looking at finding Christians willing to open up local restaurants to sell if the phase one stock from the project. Currently restaurants are enjoying a 200-309% markup on poultry meat. I'm asking myself, wouldn't it be great if that kind of profit remained in the church, for the church instead of going into the pockets of foreign restaurant chains. 

  • What would be really awesome is to find a Christian businessman who would be willing to invest in export/import of organic frozen poultry. 

  • Yes Ian, I've got a soil regeneration project using biochar and poultry litter that I'm trying to get going in rural churches. The biggest challenge is marketing the produce of frozen broilers. I'm hoping to get an outgrowers scheme going whereby the rural church will grow the birds out and the urban church will provide the logistics of marketing and distribution. All the leg work is done but the project is too big for me to handle on my own. I'm targeting vulnerable yet viable rural families that have really depleted fields. The plan is 200 broilers per family every six weeks. The volumes are blowing my mind at the moment and I'm feeling quite overwhelmed on how to get it off the ground. If I help 1000 families then I have to sell 200,000 chickens every six weeks!!

  • Thanks guys. I'm really battling to use my phone to navigate these threads. Please bear with me. I'm also in quite a remote area where signal is not that great & it takes ages to refresh pages. 

  • Yes, you guys should talk because Ian has experience in international business/trade and Darren is looking to get a project set up for that purpose.

  • Welcome Darren, it is a quiet chat room, but happy for that to change

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Who else is going to the BAM Global Congress in Thailand?

The last BAM Congress in 2013 was amazing. There were 550 BAM/Tentmakers with great speakers.This time the event looks to be 2-3 X bigger!The best part was probably the networking. God led me to a software company in Cambodia where I spent the past 5 years. More info here: you are going then maybe we can meet up there or here.Any Q's let me know.

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Conference: Business as Usual or Business unUsual, Bath, 7 May 2016

BUSINESS as USUAL or BUSINESS unUSUAL?: Spreading the Gospel through Business Saturday 7 May 2016, Widcombe Baptist Church, Bath, 9am to 2pm How can business be used to bless the nations, particularly in areas where the church is small or non existent?  From Bath to the ends of the earth, God is using business and business people to sow the seed of His Gospel through business. If we understand business rightly, we see that in the day to day of business we have many opportunities to exhibit…

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Malaga Conference for BAM practicioners and those who coach them

Subject: Doing Business in Hard Places - an invitationThe inaugural OPEN Huddle in the North Africa region will be held in Malaga, Spain 12-15 November, 2015.  The acronym OPEN stands for O-verseas P-rofessional E-mployees N-etwork.  OPEN is an informal network of individuals and enterprises doing for-profit business across cultures in difficult places, with a specific aim of seeing people's lives transformed by the gospel.  We are all doing (or want to be doing) BAM or B4T.  The 'M' and the…

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