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web designer with eastern experience?

We are looking for someone, preferrably based in the UK, to help us make our website easier to update and to include limited content in languages like Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, Bengali etc (most of which are right-to-left languages). We can pay, but need to be careful with our money. Any ideas? See us at www.word.org.uk

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Podcasts regarding ministry and technology

Hi everyone, I've just got into listening to these podcasts and am finding them really helpful to keep up to date with "what's new and what's cool" on the internet, including church sites, Bible study software, web 2.0/social networking stuff.The WELSTech Podcasts explore the use of technology to furtherthe spread of the gospel. Episodes are on various topics and released each Wednesday. It's co-hosted in a lively chatty/informal style (not too geeky) by Martin and Sallie and there are some…

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Is Internet Evangelism a special calling?

This question has been going around my mind. With so many people online now involved in social networking and blogging. Should we be promoting Internet Evangelism as an opportunity that every Christian with an online presence should be considering and be looking for guidance on? Take Facebook for example where one has a mixture a Christian and non-Christian ‘friends’ who may or may not be watching our online activity. I find this both a huge challenge and yet a fantastic opportunity.…

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