For those recently returned or about to return from their overseas assignment.
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  • Product Advertisement for Re-entry.

    For those preparing for re-entry I've justed updated my website.  You can now complete a self paced re-entry course online before you land back in your passport country.  A great way to begin the debriefing and processing of your cross-cultural experience.  Please do email to findout more or visit Your Online Counsellor Re-entry Coaching

    I will adding a variety of different online coaching courses. If you have any ideas for courses you'd like to see, let me know and I'll see what I can do:-)

    Warm regards,  Claudia

  • Just finished a several hour really tough reentry discussion! It was one of those where there is no "good" answer to the situation. Lord, have mercy on all involved! Issues can be so convoluted and then they get more knotted up in one's defensive mind...worse than a tangled up fisherman's net! Lord, for Your wisdom, please!

  • Thanks to everyone who sent someone in the direction of my debriefing survey! The results are overwhelmingly positive - 100% of people debriefed would recommend a debrief to others. And it is often the most helpful type of support people receive when they return home. For more information, see

  • Hi all, I am doing some research into the benefits and pitfalls of a structured personal debrief / review on returning "home" from overseas and would value people filling it in who meet all three of the following criteria:

    - They have lived overseas for at least a month
    - They received a structured personal debrief / personal review on their return (structured: following Debbie Hawker’s guidelines for People In Aid, not just anything called a “debrief”)
    - They returned from overseas sometime within the last 10 years

    If you are someone who does structured debriefing of returnees and can pass this on to people you have debriefed, I would be really grateful.

    Likewise if you have received a structured debrief and can fill in a survey, that would be great too.

    Here's the link:

    Thanks for your help!

  • I've created a new resource for repatriates - a facebook page called "Re-entry Stories" which is intended to be a place where repatriates and can share experiences, ask questions and gain advice. Please pass the link on to anyone you think would benefit. Thanks

    Re-entry / Repatriation stories
    Have you returned from living overseas? Or perhaps you are thinking about going "home"? This is a forum for repatriates to share stories, ask questio…
  • Thank you for your responses Mike, Bayta and Rob. I guess it's early days still as I will have only been back two years in July, however, the feeling of my head constantly being in two worlds is surely not helping me to settle very quickly. It was highlighted yesterday when the pastor asked the congregation 'who would like to go and live in a mud hut in a remote village abroad?' I immediately put up my hand thinking lots of others would too, then turned round to see that actually I was the only one to respond in that way - agggh! weird or normal?? Anyway, any tips gratefully received!

  • After being home for over 15 years+ with a number of friends and contacts who have been back similar amounts of time or longer there is a need sometimes to look at what may be called 're-entry counselling' or further debriefing. One of the things I have personally seen is that home is never going to be what it was and for MKs and TCKs not what was expected, remembered or reminisced by parents or other team members.  There is a great deal or ‘normalising’ that struggles to be normal and few involved in helping people do that after 5 years ‘home’. Any thoughts anyone?

  • Sarah, almost three years in I can only agree wholeheartedly!  Slow process indeed!

  • Certainly is, Sarah. Let us know if we can help with anything.

  • Coming to the conclusion that transition is a slow process!

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Fitting back into the UK Church

I'm interested to hear your experiences of fitting back into the UK church when you returned from mission outside the UK. Have you found it easy or difficult? What are the barriers that you've encountered or the attitudes that have hindered (in you, in others or with the 'establishment')? Let us know.

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Heidi: Worthy is the LAMB!Congratulations on the publishing of your new book, Home Keeps Moving. From your description, it seems to cover a much broader scope of missionary life for young people than just reentry. I trust it will be helpful to many youth who are expected to reenter their "home" country as an adult when they may have "lived" their—only as a visitor—for two or three years.A Google search of TCK, in 0.08 seconds, brought up 6,750,000 sites! Now, I realize they are not all talking…

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